Menna Olvera




I live in NYC with my husband and child. We aime to create a life style that flows with the stream of life even though at times the waters can be rough. Things I enjoy are spending time with family and friends. Listening to music, body movement could be yoga, fitness, meditation, traveling, the beach, camping, and laughing. My current philosophy is "Life can get dense sometimes you have dig deep to fly."






My work ethic comes from the example set by my parents. My passion for love, for wellness, for lifestyle and for media has been apart of me for as long as I can remember. It's improtant for me to greet my clients where they are today so I can listen to what they need.  This allows me the opportunity to create strong personalized yoga sequences, powerful UZIT sessions and creative media.






I use to think that being Self-Centered was a negative thing but when I began to look at it through the perspective of "centering" oneself it made total sense. The self-help trend has shifted to “self-care.” I first learned about self care in my UZIT training as it is one of the strongest components of the training. The idea of looking at all aspects of life and live mindfully with in each one so you can be aware of when you are on the verge of burnout is number one in my metaphysical tool box. 

As part of my personal practice I test myself on three parts 1) foundational aspect (spiritual practice), 2) structural aspect (body awareness), and 3)practical aspect (bills, relationships) of life as I learned them. To live balanced in life it's ongoing and never ending Yoga and UZIT practice offers tools to get back to balance. It has given me a strong foundation to balance my self so I can be there for others.




•200 hr   Yoga Training - Laughing Lotus 2008

•500 hr   Yoga Training - Urban Zen Integrative Therapy 2011

•  45 hr   Pre-Natal Yoga Training - Upper Westside Prenatal Center 2012

•200 hr   Yoga Training - Shanti NYC 2014, 2015 (asst. mentor), 2016 (mentor)

•100 hr   Advanced Yoga Training 2015